Church Windows

Trinity has over the years acquired a beautiful collection of windows through the generous contributions of the parish and individuals to the beautification of the church and often in memory of loved ones. Most importantly though, each of these contributions are for the greater glory of Almighty God by whose providence such generosity is made possible.

Original Windows

Original Church Windows

These windows were incorporated into the original structure of the present church in January of 1909. Six remain in the church: three in the choir/vesting room and three in the sacristy.

Chancel Windows

We have two sets of windows in the chancel / sanctuary (inside the altar rail): The High Altar Windows and the Gospel Windows. These windows were all given in memory of Clyde Frazier (1886-1961) and Gretchen Culter (1898-1964) by Ruth Frazier, wife and sister respectively, in 1965.

The High Altar Windows

Christ the Word
Jesus Christ in the Garden
Christ the King

The High Altar windows consist of three windows side by side behind the reredos of the high altar. The central window is of Christ our High Priest. The two smaller windows flanking are of crosses intersecting with an open bible and a crown.

The Gospel Windows

The Gospel windows may be found on the north and south walls at the altar. Matthew and Mark are located on the North wall (to the right when facing the altar) while Luke and John may be found on the South Wall (to the left when facing the altar).

St. Matthew Window
St. Mark
St. Luke Window
St. John Window

South Wall Windows

The next four windows may be found on the south wall of the nave. They were originally on the east wall. They were moved to the then blank south wall and backlit when an organ swell box, since removed, was mounted under the rose window on the east wall.

The Episcopal Shield

Episcopal Shield

Holy Trinity (left)  /  The Diocesan Seal (right)

Holy Trinity Window
Diocesan Shield Window

The Holy Trinity and Diocesan Seal windows were respectively given in memory of Clyde Wilson (1908-1969) and Deborah Jane Wilson (1960-1969) by wife and mother, Mary Jane Wilson, in 1969.

Mary Jane married Clyde Wilson, and he adopted her daughter, Deborah. Mary Jane applied to and was accepted to SIU-Carbondale. On the first day of classes, Clyde and Deborah drove Mary Jane to Carbondale. On their way back to Mt. Vernon Clyde and Deborah were killed in an automobile accident. Fr. deKay was asked to go to Carbondale to tell Mary Jane the news because she had no family in Mt. Vernon. Not too long after the funerals Mary Jane moved out of the state to be near her family.

The Virgin Mary Shield

Virgin Mary Shield

North Wall Windows

In addition to the Gospel windows found in the chancel, there are nine other windows on the long north wall of the church. Looking from right to left, there are two windows of a Marian theme as well as the Seven Sacraments. When looking at the Sacrament windows, one may discern the historic order in which one might receive the Sacraments beginning with Holy Baptism and ending with Holy Unction, or as it was commonly known, Last Rites.

The St. Anne’s Window

St. Anne Window

The St. Anne’s window was given in 1967 by the members of the St. Anne’s Guild in memory of all deceased members of the Guild. The Guild was formed in 1946 by Mary Alexander, Octa Newkirk, Jean Thatcher, and Margaret Thompson, and has provided significant ministry, continuity, and financial support to Trinity over the years.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Window

Blessed Virgin Mary Window

The Blessed Virgin Mary Window was given in 1967 in memory of Jack Emmanuel Crouch, Jr. (1947-1966) by his friends. Jack, Jr. who served in the Vietnam War as a Marine, was wounded and later evacuated to a hospital in Hawaii where he died. Even as we remember the loss of Jack, the church honors him and his sacrifice in service of our country.

The Holy Baptism Window

Holy Baptism Window

The Holy Baptism window was given in 1967 in memory of Alma Urban Callahan by friends.

The Holy Confirmation Window

Holy Confirmation Window

The Holy Confirmation window was given in 1967 in memory of John Joseph Callahan (1893-1966) by friends.

The Holy Eucharist Window

Holy Eucharist

The Penance Window


The Holy Matrimony Window

Holy Matrimony

The Holy Matrimony window was dedicated to Hazel Tober on the 100th anniversary of her birth. Hazel was present at the dedication along with most of her family.

The Holy Orders Window

Holy Orders Window

The Holy Orders window was given in 1967 in memory of Fr. John Edgar Gill. Fr. Gill was vicar of Trinity in McLeansboro from 1946 to 1952. He was killed in an automobile accident coming back to Mt. Vernon. His wife, Louise Heidler Gill, gave birth to their daughter, Libby, on the day of his funeral. Fr. Gill rebuilt Trinity after WWII, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetary in Mt. Vernon.

The Holy Unction Window

Holy Unction Window

The Holy Unction Window was given in memory of Norton Gowenlock Warren (1897-1966) by his sister, Mildred Warren, in 1967. Norton Warren along with his two sisters and parents are listed in teh parish records for 1897. Norton was decorated for bravery in WWI, having fought in the Belleau Woods battle. He was a consultant with Quality Bakers of America. Miss Warren, his sister, taught school for many years in Mt. Vernon. She was confirmed in 1903 by the first bishop of Springfield, Bishop Seymour. At her death in 1984 Miss Warren had personally known every bishop of the diocese.

East Wall / Narthex Windows

Near the Baptismal font at the opposite end of the church from the altar, Trinity has a Rose window as well as a set of Baptismal windows. Prior to any these windows however, the windows of the Episcopal Shield, the Holy Trinity, the Diocesan Seal, and the Marian seal were originally installed on the east wall. As noted above they were moved to accommodate an organ swell box.

The Rose Window

Christmas Rose Window

The Rose window located near the peak of the east wall was given in memory of Bruce William Howard (1960-1977) by Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Howard, III in 1979.

The Baptismal Windows

The Baptismal Windows

The Baptismal windows above the baptismal font were given in memory of Bruce William Howard and in honor of the parents of the Howard and Martin families by Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Howard, III and Mr. and Mrs. William Martin in 1997. After the organ swell box was removed, it was decided that some kind of windows needed to be set in the wall. Mr. George Harris of Art Glass Unlimited, Inc. in St. Louis was contacted to do the work, the same company who had done most of the churches windows over the years through the work of Mr. Harris’ father and grandfather.

The Sanctus Window

All Saints Window

The Sanctus window was given in memory of the deceased clergy of Trinity Church by the Bishop’s Committee in 1967. The church remembers particularly those who died while ministering in Mt. Vernon of which there are four, each buried in Oakwood Cemetary.

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